What is wise use of time? How do you know if you are being wise with your time?  Are some people just naturally better at this?  How can you improve?

I think it’s time to do some thinking. A wise use of time is when you work effectively for a purpose. Are you doing so?

Grab some paper.  And a pencil.  Now make a list of all the things you have/want to do in your life.  Long-term, short-term.  On my list is to cook everyday… clean… go grocery shopping… visit teach… read The Book Thief… learn photoshop… fix that typo on my blog… health insurance… learn spanish… exercise… scrapbook…

Organize it into Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social categories.  Organize it again into Once, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly categories.

1. Now think about your daily activities.  Are you working to accomplish your purposes?

2. Instead of thinking, “Am I getting everything done I should be?” “What important things am I missing?” “What am I supposed to do next?” Now you can think things like, “How can I best use this moment to teach my child?”  “How can I show my husband I love him?” “How would Jesus act in this situation?”

I need a way to think, plan, and prepare ahead of time.  Then, when the time comes, all I have to do is push play.  All I have to do is add water and stir.   If I’ve done a good job at planning, then I can focus on how, not what.

Once you have your list, design a weekly planning template that will give you space to write how you will accomplish these things.  Design one that meets YOUR needs.  I made mine in Excel, and I print a copy every week.

I plan my week on Sunday.  In filling out this sheet, I ask myself, How will you continue to educate yourself?  What errands or tasks are urgent this week?  What creative projects would you like to work on?  What are your goals for the week? Should you exercise?  How do you want to plan meals?  What are your plans for Family Home Evening? How do you want to be working on family history?  Who needs a love note from you?

Meaningful goals and careful planning will help you accomplish what the Lord requires of you.  As you care for the people in your assigned area, you will account to Him…