I didn’t serve a full-time mission.  I wasn’t out there for 18 months, I didn’t learn a language in the MTC, I’ve never eaten termites or the entire fish or even chicken feet.

My husband, eating chicken feet.

So I’ll just put my copy of Preach My Gospel on the top shelf and I’ll look at it again when my husband retires, right?

So easy.

Well, let’s see.  Open it up to Chapter 8.

You are assigned to do the Lord’s work in a specific area.  He wants you to watch  over your area with love and great care.  Your purpose is to help others come unto Him through baptism and confirmation.

Hmm.  If anyone needs to watch over a specific area with love and great care, it is mommies.
But our purpose is even more broad.  Missionaries try to find people who have been prepared; Mommies prepare them.

Our purpose is broad, but it is not vague.  The Lord has revealed it.  We are to help each family member:

    • Seek the truth and develop faith in God
    • Repent of sins, be baptized for the remission of sins, become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and receive the Holy Ghost
    • Obey the commandments of God, study the scriptures diligently, offer personal prayers daily, and serve others.
    • Share the gospel with others
    • Be endowed and be married in the temple to a worthy companion for eternity, create a happy home for the family, and support the family by love and sacrifice.
    • Search for information about deceased ancestors and perform temple ordinances for them.
    • Provide the nourishment required for spiritual, social, physical, and emotional health. (Family Guidebook)

Believe in your calling!  Put your heart and soul into your family, just as if you were on a mission. This is from the missionary call letter:

You will also be expected to devote all your time and attention to serving the Lord, leaving behind all other personal affairs.  As you do these things the Lord will bless you and you will become an effective advocate and messenger of the truth. We place in you our confidence and pray that the Lord will help you meet your responsibilities in fulfilling this sacred assignment.