I wrote this on August 9, 2011 (my baby was six months old):

The other day, Heidi punched me in the eyeball.  We were sitting in the rocking chair, enjoying each other’s company. Heidi was waving her hands wildly and she clocked me one. The next day my eye was pretty red.  But she didn’t get a spanking.  Heidi doesn’t know yet that punching is wrong.  We’re teaching her these things, but she hasn’t sorted it all out yet.  She can’t control her arms that well, either.  If she wanted to punch me in the eye, she’d probably miss.  Because she did not choose to punch me, she is blameless.


Sometimes I pick Heidi up and have her give me a kiss.  Does she get credit for it?  Do I comment on what a good girl she is?  Well, I do, because I want to show her what will happen when she does choose to give me a kiss.  But when I make her kiss me, I don’t know the intent of her heart.  I don’t know if she actually loves me or if she wants to make me happy.  Agency reveals the desires of our hearts.  Being forced to do good does not.  Under Satan’s plan, Heidi would be forced to go around life, kissing people and smiling at them.  But then we’d never know what kind of a girl she is, because she didn’t choose to do those things.

Now Heidi is eleven months old, and she gives me a kiss whenever I ask for one.  I know what kind of a girl she is… only because she had a choice.