A few years ago, Queen Latifah taught me something great. 🙂  Have you seen Last Holiday?  In this movie, the good queen keeps a book of possibilities.  It’s a journal where she pastes pictures and text representing her dreams.

I was inspired by that concept, and I created my own.  I don’t have a specific blank journal with pictures glued in, I just have some pages where I’ve made a list of dreams.  I write down anything that comes to mind that is technically possible.  It’s not a to-do list, it’s just something to remind me of all the awesome things that I could achieve, if I wanted to.  Here is my most recent one:

Survive until my husband’s graduation
Manage my time well
Learn to garden
Have a sweet camera and take good pictures
Play on an organized sports team
Have a pain-free birth
Use photoshop well
Go swimming soon
Serve senior missions
Learn to sew well
Become a person who exercises
Teach Heidi to recognize Jesus in pictures
Be content
Learn to cook delicious meals
Teach by the Spirit
Have a clean desk
Have an updated wardrobe
Babysit often

Some of these items are to-do-like, some of them are vague, some of them are far in the future, but it’s incredibly inspiring to write lists like this.  They are all things that are, indeed, possibilities.