Step 1. Feel Overwhelmed.

I’ve felt recently that I need to get back into family history.  I’m a family history nerd… I know it.  I love it.  I live it.  (Usually. Hopefully. Maybe now I will.)

But this time around I’m looking back at my notes from my family history class at BYU and I’ll be figuring out ways to research my family history while still creating more family history.  I’ll be finding ways to complete a task which is monumental and requires lots and lots of time.  Which I don’t have.

So I’ve already performed Step 1.

Here’s a good way to do it. Go to and sign in.  Click “See Me and My Ancestors.”  Then browse the pedigree chart by clicking on the arrows.  Just look at all the names and dates and places and contributors and relationships and alternate names and dates and places…

Feeling overwhelmed yet?  Good.  That’s step one.

Stay tuned for Step 2.