A little while I wrote a cranky post about scripture marking.  Since then, I have purchased a new set of scriptures (Thanks, Mom, for the birthday gift!) and have begun marking them.  I want to add two things.

1. In my last post, I said you shouldn’t mark a verse just because you like it or because you want to find it later.  However, I’ve begun marking scriptures I liked for later.  But it was a bit more than that.  I marked scriptures that touched me or that the Spirit said were for me at that time.  Then, every once in a while, I went back and read all the marked scriptures and it was an awesome review of revelation from the Lord.

So.  My new rule is that you should mark scriptures that are personally meaningful to you.  Then, you should go back periodically and review them.  But don’t mark the scripture so you can find it tomorrow and fail to digest it today.

2. I followed my suggestion of marking the Joseph Smith Translation-related footnotes.  Each footnote on a page is highlighted in a different color which matches the color of the mid-verse superscript letter.  It’s been awesome!  Reading the translations has been so much easier.

Also, sorry for being cranky.  I hope I didn’t make anyone leave the church.