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The first month of my new monthly goals habit went really well.

The purpose of monthly goals is to guide my use of free time to the subjects that I want to work on.  It focuses my efforts and simplifies my choices.

Here’s what I did.

  1. Reread a textbook from BYU about Fitness and Lifestyle Management.  It had a review of why and how to exercise.
  2. Learned a Yoga and Tai-Chi routine.  I checked out videos from the library and took notes.  This is the organized version of those notes, so that I can remember the routine without keeping or buying the DVD.  Tai Chi was fun.  Bryan thought it was hilarious. I probably won’t do it on a regular basis.  It would be good to work out the early-morning crick-in-the-necks.  But I loved yoga.  After doing this routine a few times, it was so much easier to walk.  Apparently I have been living in pain.Yoga and Tai Chi
  3. I gathered lots of exercises to do without equipment at home, and created a chart to remember them and track my progress.  Yep, 40 push ups!Equipment Free Fitness
  4. I ran a lot (for me).  Bryan showed me this app.  It records your runs using GPS, then gives you stats like distance, time, and pace.  It also maps out your runs and allows you to follow your friends and see how they are doing.  It’s really motivating.  I just want to go run more. My goal was to get down to a 24 minute 5K.  I’m not there.  Yet!Run
  5. I created a document to track my exercise.  exercise trackerThe orange squares are my life goals, the yellow bar is a timeline of my life, until 100.  The pink dots are a posterity count. 🙂  Just an estimate of what a big family looks like after 75 years.  It’s a dynamic chart: you pull the red tab and move the green checkerboard along the blue bar marking how many points I got this week.  The green legend at the bottom says how much of what kind of exercise I am aiming for (click to enlarge).  The point of the timeline, life goals, and posterity count is to motivate me to get the recommended amount of exercise each week.  They say that adds 10-20 years on to your life, and reduces the amount of time you are sick at the end of your life.  Seeing exactly what I have to gain or lose by not exercising today is quite motivating.
  6. I ran a 5K with my friends!DSCN7003 DSCN7005 DSCN7009 12DSCN7017 DSCN7030DSCN7050 IMG_4012 DSCN7054

Super fun!

I loved this month because I saw progress in myself.  When I was in high school, I chose not to participate in sports because I didn’t think I was fit enough.  All I knew was that I was out of shape.  I didn’t know that the human body was capable of getting in shape.  Not every body can be compete in the WMBA, but every body can improve!

I hope to use my new knowledge and charts to maintain this level of exercise throughout my life.  Even though I won’t be devoting all my time to it next month, because of the time I put into in it this month I know what to do, when, why, how much, and how far I’ve come.