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I have a vision of my future home, and that is where the work of the home is shared by all the people of the home, according to their abilities and talents.  Everyone knows the chores, no one complains, and we all do the work quickly and well and move on.  Like this family.

I’ve recently been feeling that I am the one who will prevent this from happening.  I lounge my way through the day, and I “forget” to have Heidi come and sort the silverware for me because I’m feeling impatient, or I miss good opportunities (when she is feeling helpful or when she wants something).  I know this year is a crucial time, when my first child enjoys being helpful, to establish habits and routines.  I’ve been itching to get it started.

So I made this chore chart!  My 2.5 year old is supposed to read to Peter in the morning before I get them out of their room, put silverware away (which she rocks at), throw wet diapers away (I do soiled ones), wipe up spills (which will become important with potty training coming up), set the table (which is our antidote to pre-mealtime crankiness), sweep the floor (she just pushes the broom in front of her, and piles up the crumbs near the wall.  I’m okay with that.  Less crumbs on the carpet.), clean up toys at the end of the day (we walk around and put toys from the house in a box, then push the box into the kids’ room to put it away), and put dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Image

I don’t have any rewards set up yet, because I think there is enough enthusiasm about being helpful right now.  Sticker charts are really powerful with her, and so I think I will save them for when the novelty wears off.  The green squares are just taped on, so they can be moved to a sticker chart when the time comes.


This video is of three seconds of my day when I felt like a rock star.  Peter is helping Heidi with one of her chores.