I read this post, and it made me feel bad.  Mostly because I cram my diaper bag with food and toys to make it through naptime church with a  one year old and a two year old.  I also started letting my baby crawl around during second and third hour, because he wanted to.

So, now that the sting of correction has passed, I have decided we can incorporate some into our rules. I know that children rise to the level of our expectations.  We should decide how we want our children to act, write down rules to reflect that, and then enforce the rules by restricting freedom when rules are disobeyed.  We shouldn’t make rules based on “okay, that behavior is fine, just no further,” or what doesn’t seem to harsh to them at the time.

Peter is supposed to smile at people (particularly at whomever is holding him while I play the piano in Relief Society.)  He is supposed to stay on his chair and go to sleep.  (Those rules are mostly for me, and to show Heidi that Peter has responsibilities, too, but different from her’s.)

Heidi’s rules are to look with her eyes, hear with her ears, and smell with her nose (not “get her nose pierced at church,” even though that’s what my picture would imply), but not talk or yell with her mouth.  She is supposed to stay in our family’s bench and keep her shoes on.

I was feeling bad that they were all “sit down, shut up” rules, so her other rules are to raise her hand to sustain others, sing during songs, and pray during prayers.  She is super cute when she sings random words with everyone and squeezes her eyes shut with monumental effort during prayers.

Church Rules