I have heard of a professor of religion who read the Bible Dictionary as a youth, and he said he learned a lot. There is an amazing amount of information in there, but it’s not easy to read through. Probably because it is so dense, and probably because vastly different entries are side by side,

Abib (the name of the harvest month) right next to Abigail (an amazing woman whose story is a type of Christ), or Havilah (the son of Cush) on the same page as Heaven and Hell. I do want to study physical locations, stories of people, and important concepts in the Bible, but not all at once.

So I’m color-coding my entries. I’m afraid I made poor color choices; the random five crayons I snuck out of my daughter’s room while she was sleeping aren’t the next Kuler palette. But I think that keeping types of entries separate will be beneficial (even if mine are not exactly beautiful). Here are my five categories:

1. People
2. Places
3. Ancient lifestyle (Hebrew words, plants, animals, rocks and minerals customs, idols, etc.
4. Books of Scripture
5. Concepts (Abrahamic Covenant, Elders, Health, Sacrifices)

If I made one more category it would be to separate divinely instituted Law of Moses feasts and fasts from Ancient lifestyle.

You do have to make judgement calls, like whether Israel is a person or a concept, or whether Beatitudes is a book of scripture or a concept.

But at the end of this, I’ll be ready to go through the Bible and learn about Aaron, Abed-nego, Abel, Abiathar, Abigail, and Abihu. Then switch contexts in my brain and tackle Abarim, Abilene, Aceldama, Achaia, Adummim, Aenon.

I’m interested in this because of this blog. She says that if people think the scriptures are only written about men for men, they need to look closer and actually think about the people in the Bible. So that’s what I want to do.

I have a vision to make my scriptures really easy to study and understand in the future, either for me the next time I read them, or for my children. I used to love to look at my mom’s scriptures from her mission because she had her own cross reference system, and she had written in extra information and her feelings on certain scriptures.

So, let me go color some more, and I will let you know how I like my new system!