I’m posting this post on my phone with my voice command. And I promise not to edit. Doing pretty well understanding me more than real people understand me.

I want to see if I can walk to the grocery store instead of drive. So
I walk to the grocery store today. I live very close to target. And the reason I haven’t shopped only at Target exclusively yet Is because I don’t like the produce section. But then I realize that an Asian store is right across the street and has the best prices on vegetables. When. That was supposed to be when. When. Okay I’ll type it.

So today I brought my stroller. At Target went okay I just left the basket over the handle my stroller now that really well. That didn’t turn out right. Not the basket, the text. I put one of those baskets that you carry instead of a cart over my handle. And I only bought a few things. And the book, no fault, no bullK package of paper towels. I was doing well until the paper towels. I tried to have Heidi Carrie yet but Peter kept pushing it away. Then I tried to carry it but I kept dropping it. So Employee came over and help me. Once I purchased the paper towels I could get one of those tape handles that they give out and tape it to my stroller. And I was awesome. Actually said that that was awesome but I’ll take it. O. I also bought some a gallon of milk and I put that in my backpack. And it wasn’t really have it all. No And it wasn’t heavy at all. I did have troubles when I went to the Asian market though. They have this fence around the door That people can get through but not carts. Probably so people don’t take the car home. I meant carts. They are welcome to take their cars home. Well the problem with the fence is that I couldn’t get my stroller through either. I was about to take it backwards. No I was about to tip it backwards and go and do a wheelie under. But somebody stop me and showed me a gate. Another thing about the Asian market is it all of the Isles are just a little bit too narrow for my stroller- double stroller. And at any moment there are about five employees putting out more vegetables. And the vegetable section is packed with customers. And I’m not sure all them understand the English word sorry. Anyway I did get my produce and at really good prices. Brian teases me when I brag about prices so I won’t hear. No he pleases me when I can hear. No, teases.  Brian teases me when I brag about prices so I will not braggin this post. But they were really good. And it’s going pretty well and tell my basket handle broke and I had to take it off the car- the stroller. Then a hooked on my arm but it was too heavy to be comfortable and so I just went to the checkout stand. Not went, limp ed.  the checkout stand which very difficult to get to. Not too, through. Two different people have to help me. And I had issues with a credit card machine because I put that it Was a debit card instead of credit. I left out a different door that I came in and that gate was locked. So this time I really did do a stroller really underneath the fence. Not a stroller really, A stroller really. No I Wheelie. I give up.

The kids had fun going on the fence. Not on, under.

So that I am walking home with my paper towels tape to the cart with bags strong over the handles and a full backpack. I’m in stroller. No I meant stroller.

I got everything I needed to and I got in my exercise. And I was encouraged to not by too much food.

But I was a spectacle. I wish I had one of those shopping carts like almost people have. no, homeless people. homeless people are people too. Maybe next time I’ll bring my own grocery bags so I can get the produce to the checkout stand hanging on my cart.

Or maybe I’ll go to the Asian market first and leave my stroller outside. Yeah! That will work a lot better. I just need to learn the word sorry in more languages.

This post was a lot of fun to write. Sorry if it drove you crazy . Du boi chi if it drove you crazy. Joesonghabnida If it drove you crazy. Gomennasai If it drive you crazy.