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This is usually me while I pray. 

My attitude and language during prayer has recently been on the whiny side of pleading.  I know that God is perfectly loving and understanding, but I think this practice is actually harming me.  When I am resting completely on pillows or something, I am not using any muscles to hold up my body and I think it sends a message to my brain that I am weak and utterly out of control.

Our brains give cues to our bodies, but they also take cues from them too.  If we laugh, we then feel happy.  (My dad always reads this book when he’s sick, and my mom reads this book.  They say laughing helps them heal faster, and these make them laugh, above all other books.)  If we wear slouchy clothes, we slouch. If we wear nice clothes, we act refined.  I submit that if we pray with good posture, we are more likely to pray with faith.

Today I was praying for strength to take care of my kids while we are all sick, and I decided to pray with faith. I knelt up instead of resting completely on the couch, and I said things like,”I know that thou wilt grant me strength and consecrate this experience to my good,” instead of “please, please, please make me feel better.”  The difference was amazing.

This is not to condemn you if you lay down while you pray, or if you rest on something while you pray. This is just something interesting to try that really helped me today.

pray with good posture