Meat is very expensive, and it’s not even the healthiest source of protein.  

I wanted to find out how it compares to healthier sources of protein.  I did some research at the grocery store (and by “I,” I mean Bryan Braun did research at the grocery store.) 

I took note of the price, size, and protein content of foods and calculated which are the cheapest.  Not the cheapest per ounce, but the cheapest per gram of protein.

My results are in this Google Doc.  They may surprise you.  (Food prices on the East Coast also might surprise you.)
What is my next calculation?  I’m thinking something like calculating what it costs to get a meal’s worth of protein (recommended daily allowance divided by three) by eating each source of protein.  Because meat gives you way more than you need, and I don’t really want to pay for more than I need.  Help me out in the comments.
For your reference, men need 56 grams of protein each day, women need 46 grams, pregnant women need 56 grams, breastfeeding women need 66 grams. Healthy 1-to-3-year-old children need 0.55 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day, so Heidi needs 15 grams and Peter 10 grams (he’s tiny, especially for his age).
I know it’s not too difficult to get your daily requirement of protein without eating meat, just make sure you eat a couple of really protein-dense foods every day.