This post is a part of my Studying Digital Scriptures series.

It was when I discovered this feature that I fell in love with this app.  You can create a bookmark anywhere in the Gospel Library, give it a name, and change its position as you keep reading.

I have a bookmark for where I am in the Book of Mormon, where I am in this month’s Ensign, where my family is in the nursery manual, and what chapter my Relief Society lesson is on.

I could also keep track of where I am in re-reading conference, where I am in reading the Bible Dictionary (new goal), or anything else that you would read from beginning to end.

On the iPad: Long-press a word. Tap the arrow escaping from the box. Tap Bookmark.  Rename it to something that will remind you of why you want to read there.  Nobody ever revisited a bookmark named “Untitled.”   To access your bookmark, tap the menu button in the top left. Tap the bookmark button on the left sidebar.  To update your bookmark, navigate to the new spot.  Tap menu, then tap Bookmarks, then long-press the bookmark you want to move. You can slide it to any verse or paragraph.

On an Android phone: Tap the Bookmark button on the bottom left of the menu.  Tap “+ Bookmark.” Rename the bookmark, and tap OK. To update your bookmark, tap the Bookmark button at the bottom, tap the arrow next to the bookmark you want to change, and tap Update. You can’t put a bookmark on an exact verse on an Android phone. 

On a desktop computer: Click the Bookmark button on the menu at the bottom of the screen. (You might need to click on the two little up arrows in the bottom left to reveal your menu.) Click Add Bookmark. It will give you a cute little red ribbon on the left side of the page.  You can drag it to the verse or paragraph you want to link to.  I don’t know how to update bookmarks on the computer.  Several others on forums (fora?) didn’t know either.  I did see some code projects on GitHub having to do with LDS.org bookmarks, but I’m not Bryan Braun so I don’t know what the project was about.  I guess, stay tuned for future updates.