This post is part of my Digital Scripture Study series.

A couple weeks ago, my husband went on a business trip.  I knew I was going to be bored and lonely, so I had to find something to keep me busy.  I decided to try to read the Book of Mormon in the four days he was gone.

And I wasn’t lonely!  And I remembered why I love the Book of Mormon.  And I decided I really want to study it again.  (And I only got to Alma.)

When I was in Young Women’s, my ward’s youth read the whole Book of Mormon in two days. We gathered at the church on a Friday we had off from school and a Saturday.  The leaders brought meals and we brought pillows.   We took turns reading two chapters.  My mom has a certain skill to read aloud three or four times as fast as normal people, and that saved us when she read Isaiah chapters and  Jacob 5.  They’re great chapters.  But they’re really hard to enjoy when you can’t dive deep.  So, she was a hero, especially to some impatient young men.

I really enjoyed that experience.  It’s nice to get a view of the Book of Mormon from 50,000 feet.

But I stressed myself out, thinking that I had to read and understand each verse and if I didn’t fully comprehend it, I had to go back.  This time, I decided to be more liberal in determining what “counted.”  And it was awesome.  I just read, and if my mind wandered while my eyes kept reading, I wouldn’t reprimand myself or make myself go back.  I had a lot of inspiration about my life at the end of those wanderings, that I wouldn’t have gotten if I had stressed about mindfully reading each word.  I mean, you should usually pay attention to what you are studying, but sometimes it is okay to let yourself think.

Another thing I “counted” was listening to the scriptures.  I used the audio feature that is embedded in the new gospel library app.  There are recordings of scriptures, church magazines, and recent broadcasts.

On an Android phone: Navigate to the place you want to read. Tap the triangle Play button at the bottom.  You can either stream it over WiFi or download it to your device.  To see what you have downloaded, tap the menu button and then tap Manage Media. From here you can listen or delete the audio files.

On an iPad: Navigate to the place you want to read. Tap the Related Content Sidebar button at the top of the screen.  You can either listen to it half as fast, or three times as fast.  (Which I would “count” on a 50,000 foot trip through the Book of Mormon.)

I love to listen to the scriptures while I am cooking or doing a craft project.  I imagine I would also love it on a walk, run, or drive.

Additionally, when I am having difficulty getting through a chapter (when my mind is wandering too much or I am sleepy) I turn on the audio and it helps me finish and see the content with new eyes.