and I am ready to start family history work on my computer.  (It’s Family History Month, by the way.)

I’m super proud of this, so you get to hear about it.

The websites I need open are my research blog, FamilySearch Family Tree,,, and  To make these websites automatically open in Chrome, open them each up in their own tab, then navigate to the very page you want.  I’ve navigated to my “new post” page on my research blog and my focus family in Family Tree and Ancestry.

Then, click the menu icon (three stacked lines) to the right of the url bar. Choose settings. Edit the “on startup” portion.  I have the “open a specific set of pages” button selected, under which I clicked “use current pages.”

I’m using the desktop program RootsMagic.  I set my focus family as my root person, instead of myself.  I don’t know if I messed anything up in doing that, but it’s super convenient now.  Before, it took forever to navigate to them.

I’m using Windows 7.  When I had RootsMagic open, I right-clicked the icon on my taskbar and clicked “pin to taskbar.”  My browser, Google Chrome, is already pinned there.   I moved the two icons next to each other.

So now, I click Chrome, and all my tabs pop open, and then I click Rootsmagic, and then I click “Free Version” and I’m ready to start.  If I wanted to pay twenty bucks and upgrade to the full version, I could probably be set up in two clicks.