You don’t care about the following information. Seriously. You should probably stop reading.

I’m writing this in the WordPress text editor.

I have almost finished the HTML and CSS course on I wanted a place to practice what I have learned, by making my own stuff, so this is what I set up.

I downloaded Notepad++. I write my code there, and I can apparently save it as a .html file or a .css file. Then I go into Windows Explorer, right click on my file, and say, Open With Chrome. I snap that window to the right, and snap Notepad++ to the left. I make a change in Notepad++, save the file, then refresh my browser to see the update. When I am done editing my html and css files, I save them in my My Website folder in my Public folder of my Dropbox folder. Then I right click on the file and say “Copy Public Link” which is here.

So this is a little website of pictures of my family, hosted on Dropbox, created by me, who still has a lot to learn.

Including whether this is actually a “development environment.” I’ve just heard Bryan throw that term around, and I’m assuming it’s this. He’ll probably get a chuckle out of that.

Maybe it’s not a coding environment. Maybe it’s just a workflow? Well, if it is a workflow, it’s probably a pretty primitive one, which he will also have a chuckle about.