Pinterest loves sensory tables. Therefore you should too.

But your grandmother was smarter than Pinterest.  She never made a sensory table.  She made bread.

She also never made play-doh.  She made real dough.  And then she baked it.  And then she had bread.

You can make bread for about $.50 per loaf.  I buy four loaves per week at Walmart, so I spend $8 on bread every week, or $33.60 per month (the average month has 4.2 weeks in it), when I could be spending $2 per week, or $8.40.

So here is a fun sensory activity to do with kids THAT SAVES YOU TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS EVERY MONTH.

Here are some tips on how to bake bread with toddlers.  The kids loved “putting the dough to bed” under the dish towel to rest.


I had the kids mix together dry ingredients (white flour, wheat flour, flax, baking whatever it is, salt) with a chopstick.  They wrote letters and stirred and made very little mess.  But if they did spill, they spilled onto a fresh tablecloth that I just picked up and carried to the sink to empty.  I didn’t stress about super clean hands or touching faces because I was going to bake the bread before I ate it.  Peter couldn’t wait, though, and he ate most of his dough raw.  He also ate the flour mixture.  He said it tastes like oats.  (Sometimes we eat dry, uncooked oats with milk.  Ask me about it some time.)