I* made a thing!

Have you heard of Powerpoint Karaoke? It’s an improv game where you give a Powerpoint presentation you’ve never seen before.  Bryan had a lot of fun doing it with his coworkers when we lived in the DC area**, and so we thought it would be fun to provide some resources for other people to play.

So on the website, we have some tips to help you Make Powerpoint Karaoke Slides, or if you’re short on time we have some PowerPoint Karaoke Slides for sale.

Feel free to take a look through any one of the prodigious links I have provided, have a chuckle, and be on your way.

*By “I made a thing” I mean, I watched my husband make a thing, while I helped in a few tasks.

**We moved to Dayton, Ohio. I think that is the first announcement on this blog. More details to follow.