Monthly Goals

July 2013 Fitness, Lozi Lu Mud 5K

August 2013 The LDS Mothers’ Room blog

September 2013 Family History.

October 2013 Mother Education: read non-fiction parenting books and became active in a local mom’s meetup.

November 2013 Scrapbook.  Without my monthly goal system, I would feel guilty about taking an entire month for scrapbooking.  But having just fulfilled what I feel are my other duties, it was just plain fun.

December 2013 Apparently I didn’t have a goal this month.  I did visit my mom for Christmas and helped de-clutter (which is one of my favorite things to do. And Christmas is one of her favorites.  So are grandchildren.  So it was quite mutually beneficial.)

January 2014 Photoshop This was the most productive month and $25 dollars I’ve spent.

February 2014 Family History.  I found a newspaper in Omaha in which my family was mentioned several hundred times. I downloaded each article and updated our family tree with the new information.

March 2014 Music: practice the piano and trumpet, organize music collection, burn CDs for the car, find new music.  I was supposed to buy new piano songs for myself and xylophones for the kids, but I didn’t.  Crud.  They used to be $25, now they are $36. Maybe I’ll just get one and they can fight over it.

April 2014 College Classes: At, I signed up for three about dinosaurs, international development, and cooking.  I didn’t get around to the one on dinosaurs. (I also did a lot of research on natural birth this month.)

May 2014 Scrapbook.  Last scrapbooking month, I printed 300 photos for about $30.  And then I didn’t get that far.  And then I discovered Shutterfly.  Which turn out way better because you can resize the photos to fit the layout.   And it is cheaper than all the supplies for a paper scrapbook.  And you can order a copy whenever you want.  So I am going to do that from now on.

June 2014 Give birth. And read fiction. I really enjoyed the Percy Jackson series, and I got my mom hooked on them, too.

July 2014 Study the Gospel. Focusing on scripture study when my life was changing with the new baby was probably good because I was sure to get it done.  I learned that questions are a blessing. When you have a real gospel question, it makes scripture study really interesting. I learned about the special status of children.

August 2014 Programming.  I’m using and so far I have learned html, css, and jQuery.  I still need lots of practice and I am a bit overwhelmed at all there is to learn, but it is fun knowing a little better what my husband is talking about.

On deck:

September 2014 Exercise.  I’m going to find a race to do.  Maybe a 10K!  At least a 5K. I eat those for breakfast. 😉 (A very long and leisurely breakfast.) My focus is to become strong and healthy.  I’m going to try to not make it about losing baby weight.

October 2014: Politics month.  What better thing to learn about while I live thirty minutes from the nation’s capital?  I’m going to do a lot of research about current events, pick an issue and take a side, then go talk to my congressman. Wish me luck!

November 2014 Family History (these are just about my favorite).

December 2014 Maybe blog.

January 2015 Education.  Research new philosophies and technology. Maybe volunteer in schools by finding teachers who will work with me and my three small children. Or work out childcare.  I don’t know yet.  You know me and paying for babysitting.

February 2015 Photography. If you have noticed that my photos have suddenly become good… I got a new camera and I want to learn about exposure and aperture and whatever those other words are.

Stay tuned for updates!


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