My Booklist

May I recommend that you read The Book of Mormon.

Then, read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. I have a happy child.  She has healthy sleep habits.  Here’s how your baby can too.

If you want to understand the economy, politics, insurance, currency exchange, free trade, and globalization, please read Naked Economics.  It was my husband’s economics textbook, but it promises to teach you without using a single graph or equation.  It was updated recently and includes incredibly current events.

Want to know what to expect when your expecting?  I did…  Some ladies said it freaked them out.  I guess that’s because it is extremely comprehensive about pregnancy.  However, I found this comforting… the author answered all my questions.  I never had to ask the wise ones at Yahoo Forums.

The LDS Mothers’ Almanac.  I loved this book.  I checked it out a second time from the library, I loved it so much.  So many good ideas about mothering…


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